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August 4th, 2005

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07:14 am - Two things...
Sorry if they've been mentioned before, but, my guess will be they haven't or I wouldn't be here making the suggestion.

The first one is actually stating the fact that to make the suggestion I wanted, I had to search for this journal, and nowhere on the main Elfwood journal, nor on the Discussion part of Elfwood, nor even in the FARP guide did I find a link to it... maybe adding one somewhere would be nice ? If it exists, I'm sorry, must have overlooked it.

The real suggestion, is that it would be nice to add the size limit of personal pictures in the Extranet. The only reason I know is it's 25 kb, is because the sad little birdie told me so when I tried to submit changes. It's not really a necesary change, just one that'd make things just a little bit easier and, well, clearer.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

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