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a new segment for rules? - Elfwood Suggestion Box

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February 28th, 2005

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11:41 pm - a new segment for rules?
We as a communiy seem very happy to bring up questions as to what fits into genre. and we seem content to do it here in LJ. we have under rules a mini ERB FAQ but no link to a normal FAQ as to general picture/story content/rules. i for one would like to see perhaps one day in the future if it reaches the top of a very long list of things to do (for which i am fully appreciative of all the staff do) is a FAQ under rules on the main page for both wyverns and sci-fi/fantasy. there have been a lot of questions asked on LJ across a few commnities that i always feel help clear up why some of the rules are in place. maybe links to those entries could be put up or something, so that they are within easy reach and perhaps it would cut down the number of times people ask the same question of 'why isn't this allowed'?

course... it might not too... :P

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